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Achieve total compliance with our TURN-KEY industrial waste disposal and RCRA compliance services

It’s not enough to properly disposal of your  hazardous waste, you must also meet a long list of EPA and state waste management regulations.  We can help you make it happen, when our competition can’t.

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Failure to manage waste regulations puts your business & the environment at risk:

  • Are your staff dumping hazardous waste down the drain or in the dumpster?
  • Have you determined your “waste generator status” & identified & classified all of your hazardous wastes using “waste determination” documents?
  • Have you trained your staff on RCRA rules & regulations?
  • Have you created your Pollution Prevention (“P2”) Plan?
  • Have you documented your waste policies & procedures?
  • Are you conducting & documenting routine hazardous waste inspections & properly labeling your containers?
  • Are your hazardous wastes being transported & disposed of by fully permitted and insured vendors?
  • Are you ready if EPA or your state environmental agency shows up tomorrow for a surprise inspection?



Getting compliant with EPA & state waste regulations can cost a fortune

Many companies can’t afford to hire full time staff or outside consultants to adequately meet environmental regulations.

This is why most businesses are non-compliant and vulnerable to risk. Don’t be one of them.

We can help.

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Hazardous Waste  Disposal + RCRA Compliance Services

Our company is unique because we offer both hazardous and industrial waste disposal combined with turn-key hazardous waste program development and compliance services.  Our competitors simply can’t do this.

Hazardous Waste Disposal: We offer the most cost effective and environmentally friendly treatment & disposal methods to meet all of your needs:

Treatment Methods:

  • Incineration
  • Landfill
  • Fuel Blending
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Recycling

Waste types:

  • Bulk
  • Drums & Totes
  • Lab Packs

Waste Compliance Services: Our team of waste experts have years of experience building waste management programs to meet EPA’s RCRA “cradle to grave” requirements, including:

  • Waste generator status
  • Waste characterization & determinations
  • Written program development
  • Labeling
  • Employee training
  • Enforcement assistance

Let us help you build a compliant waste program and save on your disposal needs.


Here’s how OUR BUNDLED HAZARDOUS WASTE SERVICES are different than our competition…

  • Traditional waste disposal vendors, big and small, only offer waste profiling and disposal services. They assume your company “knows what it’s doing” when it comes to RCRA compliance and lack the time and expertise to evaluate, warn & assist. This limited approach leaves you vulnerable to massive risk in the form of misclassified wastes, environmental contamination, failed inspections, huge fines and more.
  • Our “Turn-Key” approach begins by evaluating your company’s RCRA, EPA and state regulatory obligations to ensure you’re covering all of your bases.  We then evaluate each of your waste streams to offer the most cost effective and environmentally friendly treatment method available.  Our approach assures your “peace of mind” knowing that you’re compliant and saving money.


“Berg Environmental Services provide exemplary service in handling our waste needs. I am confident in their expertise. They are prompt to our requests and work to our schedule.”
Toni Gabriel, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager at Wayne Fueling Systems
“Berg Compliance Solutions has been a great partner. They have worked with us on all aspects of environmental, health and safety. They have both established and enhanced our programs to ensure we are in compliance with all the of the various regulatory agencies. They have provided the expertise we needed for compliance and offered suggestions on how we could improve. We are very pleased with their support!”
Margaret Ballinger, Controller, at Heraeus Quartz America, LLC
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Berg Compliance Solutions to shore up our confidence in our EHS compliance. As a small company we can’t dedicate a resource to becoming an expert in this field, so partnering with Berg in this capacity has been fantastic. They have driven our compliance schedule and audits to ensure we have a safe workplace for our employees. Everyone we have engaged within Berg has been a very personable and competent individual with great leadership.
Please consider hearing from them how they could partner with you!”
Kit Harper, Plant Manager at Lifelast

Meet Russell Carr

Founder of Berg Environmental Services and 25+ years of RCRA waste experience

“I understand the challenges that companies face when trying to manage hazardous waste and the long list of EPA and state environmental regulations that impact them.

I’ve also seen what can happen when companies fail to keep up, including major fines, wasted time and money, contamination, PR nightmares and even jail time.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

That’s why I founded Berg, a company dedicated to offering the most comprehensive & cost effective hazardous waste disposal and compliance services available.”

Will You Be Ready When EPA Shows Up For a Surprise Inspection?

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Most small businesses lack the expertise and time needed to navigate the complicated mess of OSHA & EPA regulations, leaving them vulnerable to costly injuries, fines, and lawsuits.

Berg Compliance Solutions offers turnkey programs to help businesses get peace of mind knowing they are fully compliant and positioned for success.

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